8 Things that Happen in Davis Library that have Nothing to Do with Studying

(or the 8th floor, just…by the way) 1. Handstands As a self-proclaimed handstand-addict, I must say there are few places on campus I’ve done more handstands than in Davis…don’t ask me why. Maybe every late night study session needs a good [head rush, change in perspective, break for silliness]?   2. Meticulously Studying BeyoncĂ© Music

Innovation and the Arts Pt.2

Playmakers Repertory Company performed “Assassins”, a Tony Award-winning musical by Stephen Sondheim, in Chapel Hill this spring. The sinister comedy followed a string of assassins from different eras of US history who had either tried or succeeded at assassinating US presidents. The play progressed through monologues and conversations between the characters as they contemplated and