One. More. Year.

Today, I am having an existential crisis that has to do with the fact that in exactly one week I will be done with my junior year at UNC…which means that in exactly one year I will be completing my senior year and moving on to life beyond college. I know two things about this upcoming year: that the amount of times I’ve teared up today due to sentimentality, and the number of awestruck/terrified conversations relating to impending graduation that I’ve had with my roommates up until this point will only multiply from here. I can only be sure of that.

As I reflect on the past three years and look forward to the one I have left, I have a few thoughts on what I wish I would’ve done in past time and what I hope to do in my remaining time here at Carolina.

1.) Spend more time thinking about possibilities and less time worrying about my limitations. I am the only thing capable of stifling my creativity, my ambition, my motivation.

2.) Spend more time being aware that the people around me have lives and dreams and incredible passions and less time being blind to the beautiful community of this place. That my experience here is not simply made up of people simultaneously attending class day in and day out, but people who are real, extraordinary, creative, intelligent, and inspiring.

3.) Spend more time living and feeling and acting, and less time being so inherently concerned about how people perceive me. It’s a selfish way of operation. And one that ironically does not even serve me well.

4.) Spend more time seizing opportunities and less time over-thinking options. Over-thinking yields no valuable results and perfect decisions don’t exist. Go and do.

5.) Spend more time investing in what matters, and less time wrapped up in trivial, circumstantial concerns. Do your relationships matter? Yes. Do your grades matter? Minimally.

Here’s to one more year and making each 1/365th count.


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